Burlap Table Runner Wedding DIY Ideas

There are always DIY ideas for everything including the burlap table runner wedding as well. You could consider using one of these ideas whether to have a personalized and unique look or simply want to save a bit of the budget for the wedding. Either way, it will always be a fun project to do just like any other DIY project. The rustic table garland is one of the DIY […]


Wedding Invitations Reference; Sample of Wedding Invitations and Wordings

Having sample wedding invitations for your wedding invitation ideas is important to select and decide which style is the most suitable to your liking and needs. Moreover, hiving sample wedding invitations can also help you to create the proper wording for proper invitations. The wording is essential because wrong wording may offend someone and may fail to convey the message you want to be delivered to the both of the readers and invitees. There […]


The Unique Camo Wedding Rings

Choosing camo wedding rings as the highlight of your wedding ceremony is one of the unconventional ways that will make your wedding more memorable for you, your couple, and the guests. Until now, there are not many people choose camo ring as their wedding rings. It’s all about taste since camo ring is destined for poeple who love the outdoors or has military connection. It has the unique color combination […]


Western Wedding Invitations – Cowboy Wedding

Western wedding invitations is quite good idea for your wedding ceremony. Rather than having the old-fashioned and boring wedding party, a cowboy styled wedding will be great to make your wedding unforgettable for years by each of your guests. To start planning the wedding, an outdoor party will be best for the cowboy themed wedding. However, let’s focus on your western wedding design, because it will make the party more alive. […]


Beach Wedding Invitations’s Unique Accessories

Beach wedding invitations is one of the unique themes for invitations. Wedding ceremony on the beach remains one of the most popular location for weddings. The reasons are the white sand, tropical temperatures, ocean waves that gives beach background music and soft breeze will give the beauty of your wedding. Invitation Style Certainly you will want to send a notification about this happy occasion to all family, friends, and coworkers. […]


Camo Wedding Invitations – How to Make It

Camo wedding invitations are on the trend. It is used by more couple today to invite people to come to their wedding. The camo invitation becomes favorite because it gives mystery touch to  your wedding. The camouflage designs make people curious to know what is inside and what is written. Well, if you buy them in store, you will need to spend extra cost for your wedding. So it is better […]


Opal Wedding Rings That Show the Blend of Beauty and Style

Now many people are starting to choose opal wedding rings that look very graceful. Style pieces of stone on a ring-like show a certain social class. And it is highly correlated with contemporary style in antiquity. Marriage with a classic concept fits with the theme of this ring. Besides all kinds of stone, this concept can be formed with different accents. Accent of Choice for Wedding Rings Not all types […]